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Sunday, August 2, 2020
10:30am - FREEDOM COURSE - Ages: 16+

This is an ONLINE course using ZOOM.
ZOOM will work on ANY device - PHONE / TABLET / LAPTOP or PC.
Just go to your App Store or Zoom website ( ) and download the APP for FREE.

Tickets & Info


A 1-DAY course on SUNDAY 2nd August 20.

? Are you lacking in confidence
? Do you have issues you want to off-load
? Is your mind over-active
? Do you view yourself in a negative way

? Would you like to take a step towards feeling better about yourself and life by learning techniques to improve your outlook and well-being.

This course will be broadcast using the ZOOM App.

Total cost is £100 for the FULL DAY.
Please message us if you have any questions.
Payment Link will take you to our website :

Terms & Conditions:

1. No claims of any kind are made and results cannot be guaranteed.

2. Although you will not be asked to participate in anything you do not wish to, if you consider yourself to be vulnerable or easily influenced you should consider very carefully whether the subject matter of the workshop is for you.

3. The participant certifies that he/she (or anyone else that they may share any knowledge from this course with) is not aware of any medical, psychiatric or emotional condition (either current or experienced in the past 24 months) which might affect his/her/their fulfilment of the workshop and that he/she/them is voluntarily seeking these services for himself/herself/themselves and assumes full responsibility for their actions.

4. This event is run through a video conferencing App and a video image from your device will be used to allow you to engage in the event. This image will be seen by the host (David Traynor) and all attendees.

5. By agreeing to take part in this course you do so of your own free will and neither 2nd World Ltd nor the host can be held responsible, or accept any liability, for any consequence whatsoever or howsoever brought about from your participation in this course at any stage.

6. If you proceed to register and participate in this event then you, or any person using your registration, acknowledges you/they have given full consent to the above terms and conditions.

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