A Bridge To Angels

David Traynor has had the ability to communicate with our loved ones in the Afterworld since he was a child. After years of coming to terms with his gift he now uses it to help those who have lost their nearest and dearest. His books are an amazing insight into the World of Spirit communication and are a highly recommended read to believers and sceptics alike. Which one are you?

The year 2007 saw a change in the focus of David’s abilities, from wide-ranging Mediumship, to the more specialised by becoming dedicated to re-uniting bereaved parents with their children in the Afterlife. The most amazing and emotive aspect of this has been his transition to physical Mediumship that has enabled him to bring forward children from the Afterworld, to touch, with their little hands, their parents.

The first event of this kind occurred back in January 2007 at Liverpool where a mother was re-united with her son, Sam, not only with messages of hope but with the physical touch of her Spirit child. An account of this and other heart-rending stories of parents’ love and devotion to life are included in this, his second book. Read and see for yourself how they illustrate, graphically, that David Traynor truly is A Bridge to Angels – your Angels.