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Welcome to David's Tour Events page. Join David and share in this experience as he delivers his unique style of Mediumship blending compassion with humour as he brings forward your messages from the Spirit World. Here you can see the upcoming venues for the next few months. The list is automatically refreshed to stay right up to date so if your preferred venue is not shown please do check back regularly or join the Mailing List or On-Line Community as these new features become active.

Booking details are provided for all venues. Where the booking is made direct from this website using the BUY NOW button NO EXTRA FEES will be charged. Tickets are not posted to you but you will receive an automated acknowledgement receipt to take to the event as proof of purchase where you can collect your tickets on the night. When an external booking link is provided separate terms and conditions apply.

City Date Time Tickets Map Notes
DIVINE, Walk with Angels19/10/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
OSWESTRY, Shropshire24/10/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapSUNDAY
LEICESTER, Leicestershire25/10/216:30pmBuy TicketsMapMonday (Syston)
DIVINE, Walk with Angels26/10/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
COLCHESTER, Essex28/10/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapTHURSDAY
BRAINTREE, Essex29/10/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapFRIDAY
WILLENHALL, West Midlands31/10/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapSUNDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels02/11/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
WARRINGTON, Cheshire04/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapTHURSDAY (Woolston)
ALTRINCHAM, Cheshire08/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapMONDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels09/11/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
LIVERPOOL, Merseyside10/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapWEDNESDAY (Aintree)
KENDAL, Cumbria11/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapTHURSDAY
ABERDEEN, Scotland14/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapSUNDAY
FORT WILLIAM, Scotland15/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapMONDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels16/11/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
STIRLING, Scotland17/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapWEDNESDAY
HAYDOCK, Merseyside19/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapFRIDAY
LYTHAM ST ANNES21/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapSUNDAY
LEIGH, Greater Manchester22/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapMONDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels23/11/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
WIDNES, Cheshire25/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapTHURSDAY
CHORLEY, Lancashire26/11/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapFRIDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels30/11/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
St HELENS, Merseyside03/12/218:00pmBuy TicketsMapFRIDAY
DIVINE, Walk with Angels07/12/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
DIVINE, Walk with Angels14/12/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE
DIVINE, Walk with Angels21/12/217:00pmBuy TicketsMapCOURSE

THE CONSUMER PROTECTION from UNFAIR TRADING REGULATIONS 2008 (No. 1277) You are here to witness a public demonstration of Mediumship. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. You are not guaranteed a personal message. You may see, hear or sense something that you have not previously experienced. If you feel uncomfortable or apprehensive you should leave as those who stay do so of their own choice.

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988,Chapter 48 David Traynor reserves the copyright to all the events of his demonstrations. No photography, filming or recording is permitted. © David Traynor 2010 all rights reserved worldwide. Breach of copyright is a criminal offence and offenders may incur a fine and/or imprisonment.

You will be asked to please switch off your mobile phones at all events and demonstrations.