Friends In High Places

David Traynor's Friends In High Places

David Traynor has had the ability to communicate with our loved ones in the Afterworld since he was a child. After years of coming to terms with his gift he now uses it to help those who have lost their nearest and dearest. His books are an amazing insight into the World of Spirit communication and are a highly recommended read to believers and sceptics alike. Which one are you?

David Traynor is a most remarkable Medium. He had only been giving demonstrations and one-to-one readings for 2 years when Spirit asked him to write his first novel. Then in his late thirties, he had the gifts of being clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Very good Mediums usually have two of these abilities; rarely, as in David’s case, do they have all three.

The book describes his early experiences, his lack of awareness of his gift, his seeking help and then the growing acceptance of his extraordinary abilities. We read of his training – how he learned to put his talents to good use helping others – the mistakes he made and of his growing successes. There are case histories, all published with the permission of the participants, which will amaze you. His accuracy rating is extremely high. From his Spirit Guide, Jason, and the many others that work with him, it is abundantly clear that David Traynor really does have Friends In High Places – and they help him to help you.

It is not surprising that he has an admiring and grateful following of people who have been put in touch with their relatives, friends and neighbours in the Spirit World. The comfort, joy, tears and laughter are here for all to see.