Into The Light

David Traynor's Into The Light

David Traynor has had the ability to communicate with our loved ones in the Afterworld since he was a child. After years of coming to terms with his gift he now uses it to help those who have lost their nearest and dearest. His books are an amazing insight into the World of Spirit communication and are a highly recommended read to believers and sceptics alike. Which one are you?

David Traynor is preparing his third book which will be entitled Into The Light and relates to true experiences of our loved ones making their transition from here on the Earth-Plane into the Light of the Spirit World.

With this extraordinary story, David hopes to put at rest the minds of loved ones left behind and remove fears of the other side. It is hoped this will give confirmation of the place where we all go and as is promised by most of the world’s religions. David Traynor will point your way Into the Light.

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