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Christmas Message

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Greetings to you All Everywhere..

May I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for joining me on this site, on my Facebook page, in my demonstrations and sittings. This year has been hard for the vast amount of us in one way or another; loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and health problems. The burdens of life can be too much at times but the greatest gift we are given is each other, so celebrate the World and the people in your life this Christmas. Pray for peace in 2014. Bless you all my lovely friends, David X

Reaching Out To Spirit

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Reaching Out

Welcome everyone to the new foundation course in Communicating with Spirit presented by 2nd World Ltd.

Reaching Out is a series of Courses designed to take the Individual with an enquiring mind on a journey of self-discovery to explore their Spiritual potential.
This page will soon evolve into its own space on my website where the course information and booking forms will always be accessible. My Facebook Page Reaching Out provides a community forum for all those who are interested in or who have already been on the courses and can discuss their aspirations and their achievements from each Level. We can only recommend that even if you have some knowledge of Spirit and how to communicate with the ‘non-physical’ side of Life that you will still benefit from attending Level 1 as this Course introduces practical teachings that we know are not usually introduced in conventional Development Classes – but don’t take our word for it ask those who have already attended.

Level 1 – Reaching Out To Spirit

Reaching Out is a course for ALL levels of those developing and/or those who just wish to understand more of the Spirt World around us.
Its essence is understanding the Spirit and how it places in our Lives. This course also uniquely includes the scientific elements as we allow you to physically ‘touch’ The Spirit World and experiment with it’s energy and force.
Totally educational, totally enjoyable, a great way to spend the Day!
Reaching Out – Level 1 – Itinerary

Level 2 – Reaching Out & Stepping Up

In this course we look back at what we have achieved in Level 1 and “Step Up” the understanding of the science of Spirit in a greater depth bringing you closer to Spirit so that you can begin to find your own answers to your own questions.
Truly Inspirational, you too can understand the individual importance of Spirit in your own World.
Reaching Out – Level 2 – Itinerary

Level 3 – Reaching Out through Spirit Art

Is a fun way of bringing forward in a physical form undeniable evidence of the Spirit . On this day we explore Meditation and its transition into the form of Art and Writing.
A Great way to explore the further potential of communication with Spirit.