Private Readings

David's Private Readings

David is one of the few Medium’s that manages to combine the demands of his Public Tour Demonstrations with the ever increasing requests for Private Readings. Because of the lack of Mediums offering this very personal service the demand is very high. However, due to the time commitment required for a Private Reading these cannot be offered on the same day as a Public Demonstration.

Short-cuts to the front of any queue can be achieved by accepting last-minute cancellation slots. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these notifications please sign up to David’s FACEBOOK page. Details of short notice cancellations and details of how to book them will be posted on his FACEBOOK page. Through FACEBOOK you can also share feedback with others who have had Readings and ask them any questions you may have.
So don’t delay SIGN UP NOW to FACEBOOK

The Appointment

David doing a reading

Your Reading is confidential. FACEBOOK will only be used to invite people for Appointments. Those who receive appointments will then be contacted by phone or email to confirm the arrangements.

Please arrive promptly on the date given. The Reading is not recorded and no recording device may be used by the sitter(s). You are permitted to take written notes, pen are paper will be provided.

Prepare For Your Reading

We are often asked many questions by people with regard to the process of a Private Reading. Here we review the most common to help you prepare for your Reading.

  • Can Spirits be ‘summoned’ to attend?
    It is not possible to summon individual Spirits in the Spirit World. The Medium will not know who will wish to communicate in your Reading, simply there are no guarantees.
  • Are there any steps I can take to ensure a successful Private Reading?
    The week before your Reading sit in the quiet of your own home. Place your hands on your lap, palms facing up. Ask out to the Spirit and invite those from whom you wish to receive communication to do so at the Reading. Always remember to thank them for listening.
  • Can I ask specific questions?
    If you wish to seek answers to specific issues within your life then the opinions and guidance of those family members in Spirit can be sought. As in the directed advice to the last question, tell the Spirit of your issues and ASK them to come forward and guide you. Remember evidence from our loved ones in the Afterworld is usually relevant and not predictive.


Details of date, time and cost for the Reading will be made available to you when your sitting is arranged.

If you do not wish to join FACEBOOK but still have an interest in a Private Reading then please TEXT 07812019702. There is a long waiting list but you will be contacted in the future.