Spirit Man (DVD)

David Traynor - Spirit Man

The Documentary

In 2008 a film crew began following David Traynor to record the many aspects of his life that have brought him to the forefront of his Mediumship. It began in March at the launch of his second book “A Bridge To Angels” in Southport, Lancashire, and includes testimonies from people who have had messages from David, either in the public forum or as a Private Reading validating David’s extraordinary gift of Mediumship.

We also hear from Mediums June Linn and Jim Rowe who contributed to David’s development, guiding and teaching him to nurture his rich gifts as his realisation of the Spirit World expanded. See where David was born, learn of his troubled life at school and discover what led him to carve out his career as a hairdresser. Hear from Family, Friends and Colleagues as they all give you the background to the man that we simply know as David Traynor.


On sale at any of the public demonstrations advertised on the website priced at £9.99. Worldwide release of the DVD will be made available via this website shortly so if you are unable to make it to an event please check back here soon.